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hi what a my fellow yo don’t know like right off the bat like starting this video I’m kind of thinking to myself what do I actually sound like cuz its topic with this it’s the most sometimes I go back on my videos it’s always like accent oh love is excess so yeah I’m just like oh okay yeah so I guess kinda like being when you shoot that one of the things that we’re about well it should be minute video recently and response is talking about if you like that learn things accountant I’ve seen someone that’s a whole lot of pressure on me but I think the thing with my accent is because it’s really strange for me because I feel like on YouTube I have those I’m cheap accents and then like in normal life Africans like you don’t work and at work I have a work at set which is really really strange like just my example when a good work our end like a very professional in one and it’s five stars pipe size be very professional so I’m like I talk really pretty really British Wow fun lights and again I’m like I’m kidding mixer how may I assist you today that makes it of course sir I just sounds only posh and involve Derek Bridget I think typically you’ll never find me Twiggy in a regular Asian oh you want the fireEye’s with your pink but I mean when I say I’ve got like a youtube max and all my action I think like in a way that I’m really hyped up to the YouTube videos like when I come to the YouTube normally or voice is slightly more excited I’m slightly yeah I will exaggerate something like yesterday because of my youtube accent role in that mix oh I love your accent why is it crawling better looks like I just but I mean not like I get a lot of comments guy my accent from and they’re like continue taking ma tante oh I got one recently as I sent out an Australian then the D production that’s like a wake-up very typically Australian Dan is logging you sound like I like this shirt I can’t do it back in the outback I I think the one that I get most is that I sound more American let’s be honest I’m an American British accent because like when I was growing up when I was younger I wash a lot American TV I watched a lot of friends who was not scrubs well at American TV because I love the American people’s approach to you so boring my favorite band of all time well he only record reject America they have the American is that and I was just listening to so much American star eventually I guess the way I asked my Chronister record which is why I say American influence media or my channel description by me when I was younger I was doing so much like your American related stuff I was even on the American habit I’m going to play American carbo just me okay I mean even like tank life sounds a bit American whatever my fellow yellow but then again on my videos there’s quite distinctive that I’m British oh hello how are you today do you speak English going good that’s me so sorry I do not speak the UH asian asian be you know English okay my body so yeah I guess one of the reasons I’m so happy today is because for that day to anyone oh my god oh so where’s my gift you know you didn’t get me what what but if you want to do something to make skin this video like or favorite or comment down below or you buy my t-shirt that somebody helps me shameless like I like it when you smile look at that Asian such big eyes by
This is another Horny Chinese! WoooHoo Happy Birthday to me 8-), miss you all, hope you’re good, might be doing some parody videos of songs soon, would you like to see that? 🙂 autotune babayyyY woo hoo haha LINKS T_T The FB Page – Haiiiiii come show some love! ^^ I own a twitter! Welcome to follow ;D Gifs and personal thoughts! Hit me uppppppp http://www, Instagram (^ – ^) TheFellowYellow BUOY x Song: Brand New Me (Mc Jin) (Jin’s been kind enough to grant me permission to use his music in my videos 🙂

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