Cult Classics | NARS Orgasm Blush on Asian Skin

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Cult Classics | NARS Orgasm Blush on Asian Skin

I’m gonna use a loose brush you are currently watching our cult classic series so today what we’re doing is we’re doing the NARS orgasm blush that infamous NARS orgasm blush and we really want to check if this blush is as NARS claims as it Universal is it really you know it doesn’t look good on everyone is it worse the cult classic status so we’re going to do we’re going to do sauces to test the build up and we’re going to apply with different brushes and we’re going to do a wear test to see if it really stands nice from these swatches you can see that there’s minimal fallout and the blush is very buildable some buddies of this brush okay [Music] I’m using a more dense brush [Music] let’s start with the stippling brush so I thought this was pretty good it supplies a really good amount I was concerned that mr. Pinkman only makeup tank cleaner and not the paint color but also when you see the photos you’ll see that this one is just a normal honestly [Applause] so I really like this run even though it’s kind of just like it just planted tip to tip slant it’s get let’s start with what you think about this one yeah I really like it I use it everyday it looks really nice with your voice I don’t use a lot and it’s though so it’s really pigmented there are a little bit of gold like sparkles in it but it worked as a hider like yeah it gives us like maybe it was every day : this kind of like if yo pie you’re like right at the top with a light hit oh it’s popping look at that if you a fire like right here where the light hits then when you move your cheek because the wash itself has like gold flecks it’ll give like a kind of like Sheen to your faces that’s really nice and this way older yeah this another is really natural it looks like you’re kind of blushing but also we have Asian skin tone so I’m not sure how this was booked on someone with deeper skin tone because for light skins a pink really brings out the fleshiness and then for a bit darker skin the gold flecks makes it look like kind of wrong how do you swim you look like they’re getting a bit of highlight golden bronze secret of love but not light but school I think on me and Jen it looks a bit darker I know in Shelley it looks really painful as everything goes yeah if blends mostly mostly on darker skin like it it looks more natural whereas on Shelley is like it’s pink and it’s nice but it looks like you’re wearing blush you know what I mean well that’s where yeah so it does a show Lopez yeah obvious on Robin at night just like a didn’t flush it doesn’t show up on darker skin that much but with white okay are you sure are you sure we have all we all know what I look like one can reel it in this on camera yeah so I can still see your blush I mean should we should we move closer to the catlantis show it looks really pink on you where it’s on me it’s almost like kind of blends in with my bronzer you can even see the golden specks yeah it does look if I sell my bronzer that’s so nice and actually looks aged you know it gets ya North says that this is a universal quashes shade and I’m not sure on deeper skin tones but more Asians I think that is pretty accurate yeah yeah it just gives like it’s nothing I look the same on every one but it gives a different effect that looks good yeah yeah so we are going to do a wear test and Shelley and I are going to go down the sink later and Jen’s gonna go work out so I thought you were gonna work out I’m gonna work out because I haven’t worked we’re gonna check in periodically and at the end we’re gonna meet up together to final check it and just like talk about how the blush works throughout the day to exercise okay guys so we’re going to dance class now and so far the blush is still it’s still on it’s not still in the camera but it’s a long but I still see on Shelley yeah we’re about to wrap out to stretch this is Gloria so we just finished dancing and it’s now 8:05 and we are we’ve been sweating blood but great I’m training right now yeah same like you see it in our hair but I don’t know if it’s like actual blood sure of its joke that works so yeah well go to general general check in later [Applause] I feel like the pink fitted a little bit but the gold black are definitely still there so you still get that sheet it’s not robbing no actually on camera you can’t really like a bit only it’s kind of glowy there because of the golden wax the pig is sort of there but I wouldn’t say entirely honestly it’s not because because I normally am red yeah it’s not a mic you see like I’m up in my hair like this you see a bit here if any of it it’s tiny bit and but the gold is definitely still there so the gold flecks stay local rock stay back mint leaves did say oh my gosh I can still see it really wise Shelley yeah even after all these panels like yeah would you buy it I owe ya it’s jellies it’s Shelley so I don’t think I would buy it because I already have another NARS blush that one’s more pigmented and looks better on me what I really do it some more it’s called a more but I’d really do like the gold plates and the way of building I mean but like honestly that big bag you can use it for a few years yeah advise yeah but I mean you could straight out use it for a few years is it worth the cult classic status I see yes I think I got the status because of how well it works on so many skin tones well so many aka three but yeah not only works on a lot of people though yes like judging from reviews on my own it’s not going to be the best if you only like matte blush and you don’t want people to know you’re wearing makeup but if you you’re okay with like a light makeup look with a bit of Sheen that this watch is really nice I already said every day I have my other questions this one is one of my favorite ones guys thank you for watching your video please give us a thumbs up if you liked it and also comment down below what you want us to do next because you know we have we’ve hold a video version of writer’s block we need your video block and also we want on your ideas on what other called classics we should review you like us and if you like this video please provide it and also follow us on our social 12 [Music]
This is one awesome Chinese! Welcome to our CULT CLASSICS series! We will be reviewing highly raved beauty products and letting you guys know whether it’s worth the cult classic status. Products Mentioned NARS Blush (Orgasm) | $30 USD Real Techniques Stippling Brush | $10.70 USD Real Techniques Blush Brush | $9.63 USD M.A.C Cosmetics Large Angled Contour Brush #168 | $35 USD Today, we review the NARS Orgasm blush. The ideas of our reviews is to test products on our different skin types and Asian skin tones. If you find this video helpful and want to see more, please like and subscribe! Feel free to comment down below if you have any ideas for us 🙂 Instagram: Email: [email protected] Music That Positive Feeling: Pacific Sun:

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