5 Things that Make you Look Bad to a Filipina Woman

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5 Things that Make you Look Bad to a Filipina Woman

this is iData advice.com I’m Max and this is Yvonne welcome to iDate advice.com and we’re here to give you the top 5 mistakes that will make you look bad to your prospective Philippine a date remember these are the bad things you don’t want to do these things will we start with Yvonne let’s talk about being cheap I don’t mean a guy who won’t buy me jewelry but if I met a guy who won’t even buy me a flower for Valentine’s Day I start to wonder if that guy is a good choice that is interesting are you saying that broke foreigners look bad to a Filipina it’s not what you have but how you use it I don’t care how much money a man has but we have a lot of broke guys in the Philippines who cannot support a wife and we just want a man who can actually afford a family ok I understand that point so our advice to foreign men is to show off that you’re super rich but make sure you can afford a good old-fashioned relationship where you’re the ones supporting your wife or girlfriend if it hasn’t gotten that far yeah and then it’s the next thing that will make a foreigner look bad to a Filipina don’t break promises we grew up in a poor country with a lot of dreams you can easily convince us that you will provide a better life but you will look bad if you cannot keep the promise another interesting point of view my dear so your advice well actually our advice is to promise what you can deliver don’t exaggerate because a Filipina will remember what you said exactly right my dear so let me guess I think I know the next thing that makes a foreign man look bad to a Filipina it’s when we’re grumpy Filipino people are always smiling and happy even when they have nothing even when they owe their next paycheck they still find something to smile about and be happy about so when a foreign man starts to complain about something has Philippine a date wonders what have you got to complain about yes maths foreigners have so much infinite beam us up so little we expect that foreigners will always be happy and we are not used to people who will raise their voice or complain about everything okay so now we have three points what’s the next thing that makes a foreign man look bad to you mmm now we’ll be smoking too much or drinking too much I’m sure there are some Filipinos who don’t care but they are not the good girls we have nuts a Filipino guys who drink too much or smoke too much and we don’t like foreigner who does the same thing I see no are you saying if a foreigner drinks too much or smokes you don’t want to date him um I admit I have dated foreigners who drink too much or smoke too much so it’s not a deal-breaker but it’s just make you look better most Filipinos that doesn’t want that okay so a little small King if you have to a little drinking if you have to yeah but it looks bad so but let’s get to the number one thing the number one thing that makes a foreigner look bad to a Filipino let’s put it out there is being promiscuous now I’m going to use that big word so it doesn’t sound so bad but it means don’t sleep around with a lot of girls you’re right max Filipinos will put up with a guy who dates and sleep with a lot of girls but it surely makes you look bad when you do that it is the number one reason why relationship between a Filipina for women will not work Philippine are not perfect either some foreign men like to say the Philippine I have many boyfriends but we expect a foreign meant to be better than that we want to manual set an example that a boy won’t make the same mistake very insightful so now we have the top 5 things a foreign man should not do because it makes them look bad to their Filipino date so thanks for listening to our advice today look for more interesting segments on I date and vice.com
This is one adorable Japanese. Free filipino dating – http://filipina-bride.com Here are the 5 things that will make you look bad to your prospective Filipina date. Remember, these things you do not want to do in your relationship with a Filipina woman. • Do not be Cheap! This does not mean you need buying jewelry, but bringing flowers and small tokens of attention would be appreciated. Show your Filipina girlfriend you can make a family living if your relationship will go that far. • Do not Break Your Promises! It is easy to make a Filipina woman fall for you, by telling her you will provide a life of her dreams, since Philippines is a very poor country. Promise what you can deliver! • Do not be Grumpy! Philippine people are always smiling and happy. Even when they are poor, they always find what to smile about in this life! • Smoking or/and Drinking too much! This is a big turn off for any woman, not just Filipina girl. • Do not be Promiscuous! Do not date and sleep around with every Philippine girl! No woman would really like it! You would not want to see your potential girlfriend doing this.

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