Hong Kong GIRLS VS. Mainland Chinese GIRLS

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Hong Kong GIRLS VS. Mainland Chinese GIRLS

she is a mainline girl herself and I would like you to come up with some stereotypes about Hong Kong girls no need to get salty I see your face right now hey guys it’s lovely six here another video and I thought of something very interesting today it’s kind of like a family reunion we got going on here you know actually I saw a lot of videos and a lot of articles online about the difference between dating a Chinese mainland girl and a Chinese Hong Kong girl and I hear this all the time from both of these guys because they’re from Hong Kong and especially from her because she actually lived in Macau which is kind of similar to Hong Kong and had a lot of Hong Kong people there and a lot of her fellow classmates were from the mainland so there’s always these huge huge differences in huge huge stereotypes that they would kind of put on each other so what I decided to come up with is kind of a game okay so we’re gonna go through some stereotypes about Hong Kong versus mainland girls we’re also going to talk about kind of some news stories and you’re gonna guess whether it was a Hong Kong or mainland girl that I’m talking about okay the first stop I want to ask you guys some questions wing first you are from Hong Kong right are there any stereotypes in Hong Kong about mainland Chinese girls namely they speak loud okay good don’t be sad no bisa what you mean what you want me to point out all come on um some of them may be slutty but Hong Kong ground some of them are also flooded yes and they are maybe love money okay mm-hmm now I asked you that because I want to be fair here I want you to talk about may my girls and vivvy and my own wife she is a mainline girl herself and I would like you to come up with some stereotypes about Hong Kong girls no need to get salty I see your face right now love on me okay me okay abby’s man too much Oh selfish okay I should say more actually I thought family here my cousin would be the most interesting perspective because he is a male number one I never – he is from he’s from Hong Kong eyes like that I had I didn’t need to check I just believed you Stanley actually is a Hong Kong guy and he has lived in the mainland as well so I think you have a bit of perspective on both have you actually run into any differences between mainland Chinese girls and Hong Kong girls yourself so like from a male’s perspective I think yeah claiming that goes more nice okay mom nicer no no no what males and they tried if if they want to oppose you they will David be very brave to do that and the Hong Kong girls maybe because I’m from Hong Kong I like speaking Cantonese so I I feel like home with Hong Kong girls now I came up a little game here and I’m actually I went through Google search results and I chose some words that are associated with Hong Kong girls and the most common words associated with mainland girls as well right so what I’m going to do is I’m going to say word associated with the mainland or Hong Kong girl and each of you are going to guess whether it’s a Hong Kong or mainland girl okay you ready for round one I’m going to give you a word you ready number one is in the secure wing maybe Chinese girl Stan Lee Hong Kong the correct answer is actually Hong Kong girls Hong Kong girls the word insecure was used much more to describe Hong Kong girls than mainland girls wait you stand your punishment up do it you don’t need to worry about that okay okay next I’m going to give you a Google search result question ok so I’m gonna say a question and Google is going to determine by search results by how many search results there are whether it’s Hong Kong girls or mainland girls okay hey ready this might be tricky so be careful wait yes our Hong Kong girls bitches or mainland girls can I say both you gotta choose one bitches Chinese hahaha that I gets funny over here family war okay evany of course Hong Kong joking oh my god okay I think both choose one salient okay it’s not your opinions just what Google think Chinese well I’m safe I’m happy to say I’m happy to say that we’ve tied it up now bit more with much more search results for our Hong Kong girls pitches unfortunately that’s what the population thinks no offense okay I’m gonna give you another word you ready okay the next word is and we can begin the next word is contradictory that means shit girl okay the kind of girl okay family Hong Kong Stanley and wing again very good Hong Kong girls are described as contradictory according to the internet whether it is true or not not up to me okay next one I’m going to give you a news story okay and you were going to tell me is this a Hong Kong girl Horace’s mainland girl hey ready okay a woman cut off a man’s penis because he cheated on her okay Katie is this a Hong Kong Mainland girl wait mainly a girl all of you all wrong oh yeah this happened recently in Hong Kong here’s a link to the article nice job guys so judgements are you judging my China my Tiny’s people would never do such a thing gosh his lancome girl a beachy hi those why that’s happening so why didn’t you say that because for to save my face you’ve no face to save don’t worry this is this is open okay next I’m gonna give you another word you ready the next word is feminine okay Hong Kong here Hong Kong unfortunately all of you are wrong again why mainland Chinese women are described as feminine because apparently according to the Articles that I was reading is that they tend to give into the men’s which is more than a Hong Kong girl that demands her own wishes also typically a Chinese women will neglect her work in favor of taking care of the family a traditional feminine role versus a Hong Kong girl that is more career oriented that’s what the internet says giving you a little thinker huh well thank you okay the next one is a news article ten this is in recent news a girl and she was only age 16 okay kills her mother because her mother made her go to an Internet addiction recovery camp is this a Chinese girl or a Hong Kong girl wing both of them can be possible stay with me glad ya male lion girl either I didn’t think Hong Kong got this kind of can I think all of you are correct very good job nice yeah China I know has these camps I’m not so sure about Hong Kong I guess you would know more than me okay okay the next word are you ready okay the next word is selfish Hong Kong go hang on girl uncle Olivia are correct there as well a very commonly searched descriptor for Hong Kong girls were that they were a selfish I don’t know if that’s true or not true next okay next we’re gonna do two more words you reading couldn’t serve a tip jinglun girl Newland girl Hong Kong Stanley unfortunately you are wrong they commonly searched descriptor forged Chinese girl said that they are traditional and actually that is one of the most used words in Chinese dating sites where they try to find older you know American or white men is that they are traditional Chinese girl it’s a very common one for mainland girls apparently the last one is childish Hong Kong girl mainland girl Hong Kong Stanley and when you are correct ah so that leaves Stanley with five points currently wing with six points and Vivian Lee with four points seems like China’s at the bottom right now oh so sad it’s so so so sad I’m gonna give you a bonus round okay a bonus round and you’re gonna tell me if this girl in this photo is from Hong Kong or mainland China when you can begin is not from Hong Kong or minglang okay that’s not an answer because it is get a choose one their way mainland girl Hong Kong looks like it is wrong make me big okay well I can safely say today guys that Hong Kong people are much better at this game because vivvy you only ended up with four points Stanley with six and waiting with seven points congratulations winged you were the winner today and I actually wanted to close off with maybe a little punishment Vimy you’re the loser there is no punishment what I want you to do and you can use Cantonese to do this is give me your best impersonation or imitation of a Hong Kong typical bitch pretend to pretend that you’re out shopping with your boyfriend’s family music co fun guys I’m cheap gauzy choosing gouge or laser ramyun don’t any Dong Ha ho Lowell a family are gonna ask you is that authentic yeah how do you how do you think she knows this stuff come from Oh monk dramas fair enough well divvy congratulations on losing may Hong Kong reign forever supreme very good job guys thanks so much for joining guys and if you liked this series I will continue it we’ll do another one like comment and subscribe we’ll see you next time bye
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