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what’s up guys so today we have a crazy cool meeting with the simple pickup it’s a gimbal it’s my go p– gopro gimbal it makes everything smooth yeah oh my god it’s like yeah you do gotta get one but he’s over here and he’s gonna be helping us develop our digital product because if you guys remember I sent out a survey recently and I was asking you guys like how interested you are in making a youtube channel and if you want to turn that into a business and whatnot so he’s gonna we’re gonna work with him and we’re gonna be working with other youtubers that are gonna is this stuff confidential no no because we I was gonna say it’s a lot of people to understand that it’s really really easy yeah to create a YouTube channel and start a business out of it yeah but like when you first think about it like when we first I write Walkman I don’t know where to start like what the fuck is an MCN like how do i edit there’s all these different questions but when you actually after in lingo it’s like a year of going through it yeah it just becomes so easy yeah Joe and Bart and and we all kind of started around the same time well I remember when I met you guys you guys are still college students and you guys were just getting like into YouTube you know and then we were asking you yeah yeah and then they told me you what you need to do is build that like email list and sell product and I didn’t know what you were talking about because we’re just trying to make films later yeah but it’s funny that you went your route we went our route and now like from our youtubes were we’re grossing several million and it’s like it can happen and and I think at this point now we done enough to where we could pass on the torch and help other people and our fans that’s been watching us for a long time that’s been wondering what it takes to like build a YouTube channel how to make the money and stuff like that we’re gonna pass on this knowledge to you guys but we were also talking about the next thing too like I wanted to come out a part with a personal product that can maybe I’m wondering if it would help you guys but we wanted to see what you guys would think about it so my product was gonna be similar to how a lot of people don’t have the right mindset to go out there and build a YouTube channel or to prepare themselves for the business world or to be an entrepreneur a lot of people don’t know what it takes to think and sometimes there’s so much information out there and you can Google how to open up a business there’s so many step-by-step how to’s but they don’t prepare you for all the emotional trauma drama and all kinds of shit and all the all the stresses that you might be having to deal with and if your mind is prepared for that shit so I’m gonna create something like that and if you guys interested let me know in the comments below but Bart also thought that he you know he thought that it wouldn’t be a good idea to create a fitness program to sell to you guys because he ot gives you so much and here he has a gym and everything but I was thinking that it yeah I think you guys would actually buy it because because you already own a gym because you’ve been competing and doing all that stuff I don’t know why don’t you want to make a product I want to a lot of people tell me that I probably should has already give out so much information and if I can spend the time to organize all the information and create a structured program then it would be valuable to a lot of people and I probably should sell the program but I don’t know I honestly know like you already gave so much like there’s hundreds and hundreds of videos on your channel that people can just go on there yeah but like for someone like me it’s like I watch the videos but I don’t want to go through and watch a hundred videos that’s I want you create something for me where I just watch ten videos yeah and then BOOM I could be like that right there I’m on I’m on ground a lot of Big Macs I’m on I’m on Bart’s program but not his powerlifting program he has a separate one that’s just more like for athletic ability losing weight and shit like that so I just wanna look good get some six-pack you should use the program that yes for me yeah fuck yeah ladies how to how to get your dick sucked by bar Quan the dick slick program the six-pack dick suck yeah but we’re here brainstorming some more ideas and hopefully we can come out with some stuff that’s actually really good and that can be a big life changer to you guys so when you guys start joining up and you know these programs can help better your lives and and bring a lot more value to you hopefully what it can do is change you guys in a way where it’s like man motherfucker that I should have I should have done this like years ago why don’t you guys make this stuff years ago cuz I think that’s the best when you can really create something and and make an impact in the lives of others and I think all of us been doing that his whole like career has been about getting dudes laid this guy’s about getting people bub and me is making you guys laugh so hopefully we could continue doing that shit all right okay so now we’re gonna be filming right after the meeting we’re gonna go straight into the JK filming Gio here is gonna be the makeup artiste and she’s gonna make me into a heroin addict or cheerio addict okay let’s do it yeah cuz you’re not that pale I used to be oh I’m not even facing myself what the hell so you’re supposed to look pasty like you’ve been indoors just doing Cheerios all day hmm speaking of Cheerios I have a present for Isaac oh yeah is it come here I know you’ve been asking when he was gonna come he’s finally here happy birthday to you happy birthday yeah you’re welcome very much cool bro yeah cool bro that’s what that’s what being patient and what do you call it thoughtful gets you you all comes you should build it thank you for collecting my babies to be bees in the babies okay have fun building that now it’s makeup time it’s BIC is back to the future he picked it no huh like a real one yeah he already had it so I bought that one Orem and then Kari already bought him the exact one and the way he was acting was so like no I don’t want to trouble you you I was like I’ll get you a new one he goes no it’s okay he’s like I like it I like it a lot and he was like playing so I don’t know yeah it sounds like oh you know what cuz when I was his age I was a straight dick I would have been like give me a new one I already have it yeah you made a good kid he’s not gonna be anything like me yeah thank God okay time to make up time great this way we should I go this way what’s the easier way I don’t know I need to do all your whole face to make you look pale cuz you’re not that white yet I mean you’re getting there but I have to be like Jessica what why oh yeah yeah yeah that’s the look we’re trying to close closer to ya like that I’m gonna put it on your lips too so that you can look no don’t press your lips mmm there you go I wish I could black out or not black but white out your beard that’d be great I’m gonna keep this thing for a long time um the rule is once I get skinny I I’m gonna chop it off no just actually like the facial here and then I think because I’m fat right now it’s covering up my chubby Ness you can’t that’s breaking it up but it’s laughing that you can just look that way oh but when I get skinny again I’m gonna have a thinner face I could shave this off I know it’s crazy how much weight you in show I mean you embarked gained because I look at shit that we just shot a couple months ago you guys are so thin you guys look even younger mm-hmm right now you guys look we look like old men disguise I know so it’s like the grossest thing like it’s just I see you guys and I’m like what I don’t want to be seen in public because we both have bellies that pop out and we never had that before like every time we sit and in like we were talking about how we couldn’t even tie our shoes the other day cuz we had a fucking belly in a way like I’m more like oh shit dude Bart stands up you can see this you can see the stomach hanging it’s like it’s like what are these yeah yeah no no I doesn’t do this you know yeah well you stomach so big I’m kind of glad that Bart got fat too so it takes the attention away from me only it’s it’s like a double-team shit but I’m working this week though I’m working on it and huh I’m working out again Oh God but then I’m on like the KC and TIFF program so bar I don’t know it’s more like athletic more circuits more stuff like that what oh this is the punch it does yeah sorry dude sorry but it’s gonna look good trust me sorry dude no no no trust me it’s gonna look good damn you look you look like umm geisha no no not that way but you look really pale I think that should be fine I’ll ask easy let me see you don’t look that crazy okay I hope it’s good enough all right let’s let Sasuke see kitty do I look like the white guy to you okay oh shit I hope that shit doesn’t fall okay that’s pretty gangster though alright oh fuck I should have grabbed my Jon Snow cape oh yeah did Brandon leave the house here is Brandon coming Tommy said he’s not home Isaac are you gonna build it after homework oh okay so you gotta finish your homework fast at hey Geo yeah Joe so ever since Barca fat did you stop fucking him it has slowed down a lot is it it’s not because he’s fat does it make you lose your lady boner a little bit not like I’m not I mean I love them regardless right like I I think he’s hot or whatever but it’s just not I don’t know I just don’t look at him and go I don’t catch herself only because that’s what happened to Jessica she says before your so I wanted to fucking suck your dick every minute every second but now I look at you and you look like a baby boy oh I can see why she doesn’t want to do it anymore yeah yes you do that you’re experiencing the same thing yeah like I would catch myself sometimes he would like be picking something up or you like no you’re sure damn you’re hot but then now I’m just like oh shit what happened now you’re making me want to barf like that oh so girls experience it too it’s not just guys no they just don’t like their mmm guy to be too skinny or too fat yeah I guess some girls like that dad look which I think you guys have right now we have that dad bod yeah but I don’t know I guess Jessica and I aren’t those girls you like the fit guys I do I can’t that’s my that’s my other motivation to is to win Jessica’s vagina all over again because this body is just not working you look that bad she thinks you look that bad yeah ask her Jessica how bad look horrible oh yeah yeah expensive she has to put up with your vessel no because she doesn’t even care about expensive things she’s not like that yet the buyer is something very memorable you gotta like treat her right cuz she’s sacrificing a lot of herself for you right now I’m gonna buy her I’m gonna buy myself a gun to protect her with why God you don’t need to protect us from anything my mom’s lived in her house for years and no one’s ever jacked her and they don’t have guns your dad has guns to protect her I’m gonna buy her another instrument that I can learn to play her music oh my god I’m I’m so thoughtful no you’re so selfish she doesn’t like any of that stuff you need to go you need to take Magic Mike lessons and do like a striptease for her I’m gonna karaoke a song for her in the in the accent of parking yeah she she likes it I sang her of enemy’s love song the other day and I forgot no I forgot what I saying I freestyled it but then I did sing her a song and and she laughed so why is everybody naked Geo’s naked Tommy’s naked Tiffany’s naked everybody’s naked why they make it what because you’re the coolest guy here but they’re naked everybody’s working at JK naked this is like the word wardrobe you know most people what yeah so at JK I want to keep theft to a minimal so the company uniform here is to be butt-ass naked and yeah Tommy he could be hiding shit in those shoes but he’s he’s naked and what am I take a wild guess santa clauss baby no not really I don’t know what I am but you guys will find out if you guys watch the JK video what I really am all you guys could try to take a stab at it and guess what is guess what is but I’m not gonna tell you you just gotta watch it because we got some crazy skit coming up yes it’s a skip we got a crazy skit coming for just kidding films mmm you like that one I know you do so I’m about to romance you with my gold chains and my black nipple you ready christmas is coming just finished a crazy shoot day work day and people are still here working Julia and TIFF they’re working really hard on remembering all the articles and it looks like Isaac finished all his homework so now he’s allowed to build his DeLorean I hope he really likes it you can’t build it fast enough all right you need to take a break from this is too challenging that’s good my mom never did she just said work harder get it right I’m like Vogue but that’s the difference between a sweet Mexican mother versus a dangerous Asian one but now we are cleaned up I know you guys saw a big fucking mess earlier here there was a mucho of DMSO byron just cleaned it up good job Byron yeah and now I’m getting myself ready to go to the gymnastic oh because yeah I’m trying to really lose my belly fat for real it’s working it’s not working but it’s Bart said it’s gonna take about three months I hope it takes less than that but I’m just gonna keep pushing on cuz I told you guys it’s a challenge that I’m gonna really try to commit to and I’m really trying to lose this belly fat and let’s see here Isaac are you are you relaxing are you trying to relax okay don’t let things frustrate you you just gotta relax and enjoy it enjoy it have fun it’s like a party time
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