A Chinese Girl Look

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A Chinese Girl Look

this Halloween I wanted to get in touch
with my culture
if you guys don’t notice already I am
Chinese but this lick is an applied hard
look Chinese but more of how you can
wear your makeup to match your
traditional Chinese guy these days you
can get guides of all different styles
and colors but they all remain looking
elegant refined and sometimes sexy my
dark pink eyes are tricky to pull off
for normal days but when is matched with
a traditional Chinese kind it’s only
becomes beautiful alluring an elegant
you can wear this for Halloween or any
special occasion let’s start first step
I’m going to cover up my mega tired eyes
by applying concealer on my dark circles
you can use your fingers to blend but
I’m just using a foundation brush and
patting motions
night it’s time for foundation again
using a foundation brush I’m going to
start in my nose area and work outwards
concentrating on t-zone and cheeks
once my skin tone appears more even I’d
use the leftovers on my eyes now using
some finishing powder I’m going to set
my foundation with a kabuki brush in
buffing motions I’m going to blend the
product into the face for an even
as always I start eyes by filling in my
brows first here I’m using a brow pencil
to intensify de Vries and using a brush
and smoothing the light filling in any
gaps if there are any I’m prepping the
eyes of the face so eyeshadow last
longer and looks better and using a
pinkish color base but it really doesn’t
matter you can use any color as long as
it’s light night taking a pink eye
shadow I’m going to sweep this all over
my inner eyelids
now I’m going to take this purple
eyeshadow and apply it on the outer half
of my eyelids kerbin belongs to a
similar stone to pink so instead of
creating a contrast it will actually
bring out the pigness even more and this
will help to make the eyes like more
alluring and deep lie with a bolder pink
eyeshadow I’m going to use my fingers of
pappus color on the center of my lids
this is kind of like the bridge color
that connects the pink and purple
together I’m using my fingers because
color is more intense this way with a
dark plum eyeshadow I’m going to darken
and intensify the eyes by adding it into
the corners of the eyes blend select
sultry and smoky
my with a highlight shade I’m going to
apply this on the brow bone and also
removing harsh edges back to the purple
eyeshadow again I’m sweeping the color
on my lower lash line again this will
emphasize the pink tones lie with a
black pencil liner I’m going to line the
entire lower lash line to create a huge
contrast to bring our eyes even more
this makes the eyes look sexier and more
edgy I’m taking the pencil liner to make
upper lash line I’m using a flat shadow
brush I’m going to soften and blend it
out this will give the illusion of
thicker eyelashes
now using a black liquid liner I’m going
to lengthen the eyes by extending the
eyeliner upwards don’t wing it I just
follow the curve of your natural lower
lash line and this will give a really
beautiful oriental and feminine effect
dipping my brush into the bowl pink
eyeshadow again I’m going to apply it on
the lower outer corners of an eyes for
added sultriness now you can go for plum
lips if you wish but I’m going to stick
with pink and I’m going to apply using a
lip brush because it offers better
precision and I can reach all Krabs’s on
my lips I’m blotting with a little
tissue and parter and reapplying so the
color is longer lasting for flirtatious
eyes and going to add false eyelashes
and for blushing cheeks I’m going to use
this peach blush and I’m going to sweep
it on my cheekbones and because my face
is Cana rind I’m going to swipe in an
upward motion for an instantly lift
effect and this also gives an illusion
of a slimmer face as well finally a
little glass for shine I’m wearing my
chinese style guide and also my chinese
style hair accessory and this lick is
completed I was inspired to do it as
like thanks to my little sister because
she dress up as a Chinese girl till a
few years ago and she gotten so many
compliments and she looks so cute
if you don’t have these little Chinese
hair accessories you can just use
chopsticks I think it looks pretty cool
and feisty with it on much is my
vegetable 1 or here is another Halloween
idea 99 that is scary

This is another Horny Asian. Ni Hao (Hello!) Warning: Ending may make you WTF lol… Note: This is called “a chinese girl look” but its not supposed to be just for chinese girls. It’s just inspired by my culture and I wanted to celebrate by making a look to wear with a chinese dress. If people dress up as geishas for Halloween, why not chinese? ^^ This Halloween, I wanted to get in touch with my culture. If you guys don’t know already, I am Chinese yes.This tutorial isn’t about how to look chinese (obviously because if it is, I wouldn’t need to make a tutorial on it because I’m already chinese -_- lol) but more of how you can wear your makeup to match your chinese dress (as costume) in an edgy way. Dark pink eyes are pretty tricky to pull off but when it’s matched with a bold qi pao dress, it suddenly becomes sophisticated and sensual. I’ve always thought the qi pao was kind of sexy. It celebrates the curves of a lady and also a symbol of chinese pride so I wanted the look to reflect the essences of a qi pao which is a beautiful bold look that also looks feminine yet sensual. My mum picked my costume qi pao from ladys market lol. I wanted to get a red ones with sleeves but my mum thought pink would be cuter. I have actual proper qi paos but they’re all back home in Northern Ireland. I was actually inspired to do this look thanks to my little sister. She went to a party as a chinese doll a few years ago and she looked so adorable and got so many compliments. I was supposed to do a geisha tutorial but then I see so many amazing tutorials on Youtube already so I went for an oriental inspired look instead. Yes it may be Halloween but doesn’t mean I can’t use it to celebrate my culture bwahahaha. I’ll probably do another chinese inspired makeup tutorial for Chinese New Year but maybe in a different attempt so it looks lighter and more wearable. Ps. I added a bonus halloween option 2 look for you guys. In my opinion, THIS is the scary look to go for this Halloween. Pps. I’m still struggling with my Canon 60D, considering going back to camcorders…. =/ any tips guys? I used my own range of Bubbi brushes in this makeup tutorial: http://www.shopbubbi.com Check out the Bubzbeauty Official Website. I update tons of beauty, fashion and hair related articles almost daily. http://www.bubzbeauty.com Music: Sakura Sakura and Sakis Feelings. _____________________________ Follow me on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bubzbeauty Subscribe to my Vlog channel: http://www.youtube.com/bubzvlogz Shop the Bubbi Makeup Brushes & Clothing Line: http://www.shopbubbi.com Connect with me at the Bubzbeauty Fanpage where I chill n catch up with you guys ^^ http://www.facebook.com/ItsBubz

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