“The Social Network” & Asian Girl Sex

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what’s up fucker hi guys and welcome to
every Wednesday I’m going to be
reviewing something for you look at
their cup reveling reviewing reviewing
something for you
today we’re reviewing this social
network ah a movie I hardly ever see
movies so I have no idea to the
appropriate way to review them so I’m
gonna review them the only way I know
which is my way that I do it because
that’s all I know which is me
so here the most interesting things that
stood out to me in that movie it was an
interesting Lee cast movie the main guy
Jesse Eisenberg is funny thing I he’s
from New Jersey I’m from New Jersey I
used to work at the Olive Garden in East
Brunswick New Jersey and he and his
family used to come into the Olive
Garden but his little sister is the
Pepsi girl remember that little girl
that looked like this could she had
dimples and big cheeks so before he was
famous when their families to come in to
Olive Garden all the staff would be all
atwitter about like but also the funny
thing is that there’s a girl named
Brenda song in it that girl I know her
from the Disney Network because I’ll be
honest sometimes I watch it and I know
some of you out there probably do I’m
not the only one trying to hold onto my
youth but the funny thing in this movie
is that swarm over she gives one of the
main guys a blowjob in the bathroom that
was not I shouldn’t have said that not
Jesse Eisenberg her other Asian friend
gives Jesse Eisenberg a blowjob in the
bathroom so all of you Asian girls out
there please stop giving white dudes
blowjobs in the bathroom of Harbor
there are 20s in the movie but they’re
not twins
that’s played by one actor and they look
like Prince William or Harry
which one’s not the ginger it’s one guy
that plays both guys and it’s amazingly
done how did they do it
below I mean listen I’m sure all the
difference make magic cake they created
it is male s that Clint made shuttin I’m
trying to review something here so to
wrap up this review Asian Disney stars
love giving blowjobs twins are crazy
Jesse Eisenberg loves endless
breadsticks I hope that this review um
affects you have a great Wednesday guys
this is how I normally check my coffee
with milk and sugar and whipped cream on
top this is not what I’m reviewing today
or is it it’s not what I’m reviewing

I be mad for plug-ins, because they are unbelievable! Hey guys! Every Wednesday I’ll be reviewing things and people and ideas and places and just about anything in between and out between. Today I review The Social Network. That movie about Facebook or whatever. Did you see it? It was good or whatever. To see today’s extra footage go to http://www.mydamnchannel.com/Daily_Grace/Week_131/EXTRA101310TVTIME_6245.aspx Make sure you check out the Daily Grace Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/theDailyGrace?ref=mf

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