Manny Jacinto of “The Good Place” talks Asian representation in Hollywood

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so guys we’re here with Manny no Manny
what brings you out to the LA
asia-pacific Film Festival do I support
supporting the Asian American Asian
Canadian film community I mean it’s
important it’s vital for us to keep
telling these stories and I’ve started I
mean this is where I kind of started
with student films kind of indie films
and without people’s support we won’t
have events like this now you know
you’re working in the mainstream on some
awesome shows can you tell us what’s
that like it’s unreal yeah it’s pretty
surreal still getting used to it but
super grateful for it I’m just trying to
make sure that I don’t lose my job and
you know doing the best that I can but
yeah it’s also it opens your eyes to a
lot of things in the industry and how
things were changing as well within
whether it be network or cable
productions yeah so have so many
projects going on 2018 is right in the
middle of it what other stuff can we see
you in this year um I did well we’re
underway for season three of the good
place right now and it’ll come out in
September so look up for that please and
I also did a film called bad times at
the El Royale like a quick part in that
with Chris Hemsworth Jeff Daniels and
our executive producer who is the writer
and director of the of the film Drew
Goddard a quick little part in that
please catch that it’s gonna be an
amazing film for you and I’m super
excited for a good place do you have any
tips for your fans that you can hear
about anything that’s gonna be happening
just keep an eye out for um I can’t you
know the show is it’s it’s all twists
and turns and and the less you know the
better so that when it comes at you it
really does come at you so just please
look out for it that’s all I can really
say how does it feel to represent so
many Filipinos and Filipino Americans oh
when you put it like that it seems like
a huge responsibility it is yeah exactly
it is I mean whether it be through
Twitter any type of social media I’m
just so thankful and touched by all the
people that reach out and and are like
especially the messages that come
through and say that oh thank you so
much for representing the Filipinos
Asians in general and being able to see
something completely different other
than you know the model minority those
messages definitely mean a lot I am
gonna try and do my best to continue to
represent that you know steer away from
what we’ve typically seen in the past
whether it be emasculated males or you
know the nerdy Asian person in general
and yeah I’m just gonna try and do my
part to kind of change that and guys
like you know John Cho who is premiering
his his film right now those that’s the
type of guy that I look up to and
hopefully I can kind of emulate within
the next few years but we’ll see

I love components, because they are glamorous!! Front Row Features | Pacific Rim Video’s “That’s So Hollywood” correspondent Tiger Sheu talks to “The Good Place” cast member Manny Jacinto during the opening night of Visual Communications’ 2018 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival held at the Directors Guild of America in Hollywood, CA on Thursday, May 3, 2018. For more information on the #LAAPFF2018 visit Video shot and produced by Peter Gonzaga ***On air broadcasters must obtain prior permission for re-broadcast use.** ***Content posted on Pacific Rim Video is copyrighted to Pacific Rim Video. All Rights Reserved unless notated.*** Follow us on twitter at Like us on Facebook at http://pacificrimvideopress Check out our photo gallery at Connect with our sister company Front Row Features Wire at for entertainment news, tv features, film features and more spotlighting the best in celebrities from the news blockbuster films and TV shows

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