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Sexy Asian Guy takes the naked spa challenge

remember that scene in rush hour when
there’s like a whole fight that goes
down in like a whorehouse or something
like that
oh yeah no one’s in a role right they’re
fighting over those uh those chairs yeah
that’ll be pretty cool if we do a fight
scene like got a ginger bond with the
ginger bond you never been to a ginger
bar before
no it’s like a Asian bathhouse
Oh Jerri bonds Korean bath house jacuzzi
a shower a sauna a steam room the whole
place is a bath house like the clean
that you’re able to achieve at a
it’s really it’s like you got detailed
you’re like butt naked and you don’t
have like robes or nothing
that’s an Asian si remember we’re
telling you we went to a Korea look and
we went and we saw David choice dick
yeah that was at a gym jabong in Korea
that’s when we first went
dude you gotta go dude you down we’re
not homies unless we see each other yeah
and it’s no no no no it was peripheral
dig – it wasn’t like straight on like
I’m trying to look at it but it just so
happens that like on the side of your
eye there’s like lions and the thighs a
lion and an elephant I know what make
you feel better I’ll ask Alex and Luda
come from barbel yeah cuz why would that
make me feel very oh one dick in your
face it’s like yes so much attention to
that one day but if there’s 20 of them
then you’re like oh is not bad dude it’s
like a strip club the first five minutes
you’re like oh my god this is amazing
and then after the five minutes is done
you’re like titties this is normal yeah
there’s titties everywhere and if we’re
gonna do a fight scene there you got to
see what the real deal is so feelin
you have to go in naked yeah no dude
it’s actually very offensive to go in
with like shorts or clothes
those are the things that right you’re
taking all the dirt from outside you’re
bringing it to this clean place but the
key is to get undressed as quickly as
possible and try to keep your eyes up if
I don’t really get lockers more
separated we wanted to be together
that’s what this whole thing is about
friendship it’s happening it’s happening
Marty I don’t worry up good your Bukit
lagging it oh shit
you want a shower clean your entire body
before the facility everyone’s sharing a
bath together so we have to like kind of
like people follow people make sure that
our trust and like our bulk shits all
over and it’s not gay left or the right
x-value look an eye if you look below
the eyes signore James
because I will
that’s we really trust you you can do a
pinkie swear with each other that’s how
you know you – Dixie we get the PD
square a full record check out this is
fucking cold as shit
no you’re talking just trying I’m just
trying a real honest I just trying to
pull this fun oh how far can you go in
guys check this out one of these is a
very hot from that tub and one of these
is very cold from that stuff and he’s
gotta choose right or left and he gets
stuck with the water oh yeah the hot one
all right take your pick the right one
three two one are you it all right
right oh shit that’s actually a good
idea dude let’s do this with our dicks
now rather us ah fuck man what I think
of these games for it’s coming don’t do
it hard right my thinking sensitive
and that was Casey’s first spa
experience it was kind of awkward at
first because I’ve never seen cases get
before I’m neither seen my dick as ego
snake before that the whole summer story
but somehow mini seeing Casey’s balls
brought us closer I don’t know what I
did I think it has something to do with
sharing a more former or it’s an
assignment each other that brings
friends close so if there are friends
now you can way to rekindle relationship
flip make sure you show each other you
guys is nuts or show each other your
guyses badges and the relationship will
flourish hands down trust me I’m a
doctor and big shout outs to LuAnn Alex
for bottle again for helping make
Casey’s first spice feeling so enjoyable
pleasurable and memorable adds if you
like bond off the gate close make sure
you click on my face go to bar before
get calm for your peril meet like always
every single Sunday we’re teaching good
things in a bad way so stay tuned this

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Sexy Asian Guy Physiques

Sexy Asian Guy Physiques

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