Yazidi survivor: ‘I was raped every day for six months’ – BBC News

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Yazidi survivor: 'I was raped every day for six months' - BBC News

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and into something the committee went
17 years Edie’s are living on this
corridor in the middle of a psychiatric
hospital in Germany
it’s a long way from their home in
northern Iraq but at least they’re safe
three years ago on the 3rd of august
2014 they were attacked by is fighters
many of their men were shot the women
and children were captured a class was
14 at the time she and her family tried
to escape up the mountain mount sinjar
but they couldn’t run fast enough huh I
tell you Barbara my own
Shifa demo at Eden she was then
kidnapped torn apart from her mother and
locked in a prison Karen I did this so
to say I had Bernard that fargood on
Johnny of turn miniature on my channel
I’ll go up it had an ocular my attorney
until now she told me she saw things
which will always haunt her things which
i found very difficult to listen to a
word huh I knew behind you should go
ahead on the road Berman are behind Sena
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yami-bakura channel goo Dada Dada
mama mama unimaginative the resolution
we’re not allowed to show you where the
girls are living it’s for their own
safety many of their families are still
in captivity but not far from here those
17 years e DS are integrating into
German society many we’ve been going to
school here as they start the journey to
rebuild their lives so we focus on
certain emotions like love peace and joy
to forget fear anxiety and other
negative emotions and here to help them
a team of mentors from across the world
my joy is complete
my classes nephew Amin was only seven
when is fighters took his father and
mother he hasn’t seen his parents for
three years but in the last month his
mother has been spotted in a camp in
Iraq after escaping during today’s
meditation he imagines that all his
people are released and he sees himself
reunited celebrating with his mother
it’s thought his father was killed by is
fighters the same fighters who kidnapped
a class and kept her a sex slave for six
months bad muscle or her who also have
is me wickedly it’s a strategic mission
three and a half a sofa they had to help
get shallow he’ll get Mahina a new man
crucially in Chicago I see and for a
real hire two cities will betray Tanika
kill young in Hanoi disturb put Dedham
Kenya how will it act airman mother I
never had
well I don’t give more attention
until he has a Lincoln bar in Hawaii
with goodie
mahalia Tara hide the Thatcher cos theta
a leash my tip T that I need Americana
so so take the more handsome some
telling them I want them to write down
their dreams and their ball after all
these girls have been through it will
take years of specialist counseling
today’s art therapy session is just a
okay we can’t show you this 13 year old
girl it’s for her own protection
she doesn’t know if her parents are
still alive she too was captured by is
and now only communicates by drawing and
so Jacqueline tell me the difference
you’ve seen that the girls over the last
me that’s incredible it’s been
incredible going from tears sadness no
eye contact no leaving this team is
Jacqueline Isaac an American lawyer who
spends much of her time advocating for
women across the Middle East she was
working in Iraq taking aid to those uz
DS who escaped from is by fleeing to
Mount Sinjar amounting close to their
villages where many were left stranded
for months I met a mother and she was
telling me about how her daughter was in
captivity she didn’t know what happened
to her interesting can’t you help you’re
a lawyer can’t you help make your
government go out there and get our
girls make your government do something
I didn’t know what to do
just days later in one of the villages
below the mountain a class managed to
escape while her abuser was out fighting
she was taken to a refugee camp a few
days later she met Jacqueline this
footage was filmed just days after a
class’s escape when I first met her her
head was down all of their heads were
down there was no eye contact in the
beginning it was a porch in Ross city
and I’m removing you what do I say to
them there were counselors that we had
brought there was sitting on the right
hand side on standby to give girls
counts again I remember thinking this is
not the time for counseling yet this is
the time to just recognize them as human
beings the song she is looking for his
song talking about what happened to her
family and her people three months later
a class moved again she’s just one of
thousands of Yazidis resettled by the
German government they go to mainstream
school with the rest of the town every
day but their education doesn’t solely
take place in German classrooms
good good job Sam I am back where they
live in the hospital as well as music
therapy they’re also being taught
English by Jacqueline’s team that
that sam-i-am okay
I like despite living 6,000 miles apart
Jacqueline is dedicated to these girls
visiting them every few months but even
when she isn’t with them she talks to
them online every week and two other
girls still in Iraq when they look at
all the recruits Isis recruits that are
coming from all over the world how did
they get them to Iraq and Syria it all
started with the internet they were
being recruited online so what if we can
reverse what was used as negative what
if we can use the same tool to transform
the lives of this next generation in
Iraq and Syria then we open up a Center
in Iraq where over 40 girls are now
learning English through Skype through
the internet by teachers who have
volunteered their time every day the
story with this is what’s happened to me
this is what’s happened to my people we
just want them to return that was it
their life was just that story but now
they’re overcoming their story of the
past and creating a story to define
their own future
a class now knows her voice matters
just last year she addressed our
Parliament the result of her story the
House of Commons unanimously declared
Yazidi victims of an Isis genocide she
now wants to become a lawyer here in
Germany would you like to go back to
Iraq to live there
well I can mentally bonny lad awash
Holly used to submit butter
oh but sentimentality anyway mum can you
face boba naughty a Damascus a phony
sarah.hatton Marja
these girls are now starting to live
again but they’re living with deep deep
Mukul hasta anta Hydra doesn’t I report
that arguably at your custom observable
I let you phone signal good I can hide
tell Annie Manjula and Jerome with Elif

This is another adorable Japanese! Nearly three years ago, so-called Islamic State fighters swept through northern Iraq, where the country’s oldest ethnic minority were living – the Yazidis. Many of the men were shot, while the women and children were kidnapped, taken as hostage and raped. The Victoria Derbyshire programme’s reporter Fiona Lamdin has spent a couple of days with a small group of women who have been resettled in Germany, and are trying to rebuild their lives. Please subscribe HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog World In Pictures https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLS3XGZxi7cBX37n4R0UGJN-TLiQOm7ZTP Big Hitters https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLS3XGZxi7cBUME-LUrFkDwFmiEc3jwMXP Just Good News https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLS3XGZxi7cBUsYo_P26cjihXLN-k3w246

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