Picking Up Girls In CHINA!!

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Picking Up Girls In CHINA!!

what’s up guys my name is Adrian G I
hope you’re doing amazing and in today’s
video I’m gonna see if I can pick up
some girls out here in China using my
Chinese but before we get into the video
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without further ado let’s just jump
straight into the video anyhow
Oh Juna me hyung hyung for catchy three
words I Shanghai sushi honey me Nisha
lunging Genma
now Gordon watch it our channel don’t
you need shows on our knee to die
lunging for sure how that we are then
violin violin you know what you know
violin like the the instrument you know
Roger Adrian need a mixer Shama
girl yeah yeah cool yeah cool yeah ah
Nisha nah Gorge an issue
watch it out watch it out don’t share an
issue nanjing Genma bullshit
ah sign our nanjing Joshua Joshua Starr
Shushan ah ha washer washer out Dalia
Jen ah yes yeah well but you’re Anita
Jang man yeah
fetch on her Neiman Ho Dong Isha
Phoenicia me mijo mijo mijo
Oh Jorah Nihon a young woman generation
okay mom Kaiba oh dang shop chukka why
shall I need a in yee-ha
Oh sham sham sham on a nourlangie Aisha
I wish in ba ya ya knee can she like
honk ooh yeah any case our okay so
Nietzsche our dilemma I wish among dolly
off a chunk young nature diner need to
lunging or chilled I shall high god she
she thought she lie
so job do it thank three cent I may oh
what a Pongo put it out what you know
I’m a oh my oh my what up what up on
well children come and die
no no KFC KFC
yeah Kentucky Fried Chicken culture
Italia yeah Yayo Yayo Yayo woman well
enjoy highway Simba
came up Worland Jie shall wave cinema
Hey ke miki-sama Chuck
Adrian Adrian Adrian de pusi need Anita
Ming such a pussy a hungering gentian
eat pussy Neiman since I saw Shama ha
Neiman PI job here okay okay
yeah uh-huh
whoa okay okay bye-bye Joker Joker Joker
chatter okay son re-what job Adrian need
Josh a moment sir
Bella ah hunger sings Anthony machine
vision unseen Jenna Mitchell diner or
chilled I shall hide Mahon budget Alba
Han Johan
400 Han Han Jin – um
han Jin Han Jin
hyah an un an Jin Han Jin Han Jin close
han un look I have both aha aha that’s
da Nietzsche Oh dolly ama Mayo where’s
Mayo Mayo Chen male Chen okay Nikki Shaw
in Yuma
in Ybor how was i Shanghai sushi honey
what I what I jungle Ram yeah yeah washi
fun me boo catchy woman Hollinger ish
away Simba okay okay
nick is our warmer Hey
neither mentorship Bella Bella how that
meanie far walk me gay war far et ocean
she okay ha okay
hunger she identity woman walky walky
Lian Lian water jungling oh okay yeah do
a toy
whoa whoa-kay Yi Xiao me a new mmm me a
champion Booker C okay
zài jiàn okay bye bye hi guys I do hope
you enjoyed this video if you did be
sure to hit the thumbs up I really do
appreciate that and if you could do me a
little favor and follow me on Instagram
right here I’d really appreciate that as
well you’ll be able to see all the
behind the scenes of these videos before
they’re actually uploaded so yeah
be sure to follow my Instagram there and
leave me some comments down below and
let me know what you think of this video
what do you think of my Chinese if you
speak Chinese and yeah that’s about it
I do hope you enjoyed this video and
I’ll see you all for another video next
Anisha initial nog Anisha nom nom
jingxian ma for sure neutral diner or
chilled I Shanghai
pay phone

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