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OFFICER | Episode 1 | POLISH TV SERIES | English Subtitles | HD

Take some more.
Just make out you’re texting.
There’s a store over there.
Get us some beers.
– Forgot the handbrake again?
– And you?
– Thank you, sir.
– It’s OK.
– Good morning.
– Good morning.
– My turn’s come …
– Sorry?
– My turn, I said…
– Your turn?
There comes a moment in a man’s life when he
succumbs and has to kiss his freedom goodbye…
– I’m getting married.
– I see. You want to see rings.
– Engagement rings first.
Wedding rings I inherited from my
grandparents. Pre-war craftsmanship.
– Britney’s coming to Poland.
– Who the hell is she?
She’s the best, you hayseed.
What’s up?
– Good morning, sir.
– Are you nuts?
Is Jadwiga in?
– Jadwiga who? – Mom?
– You’re really nuts, Kruchy.
– Good morning, Mom.
D’you know Aldona’s ring size, Mom?
What are you on about, Kruchy?
What Aldona? What ring?
– Yes, six?
– Rather sixteen.
– Sixteen…
– Sixteen? What sixteen?
Don’t tell Aldona anything
about the ring.
See you, Mom.
– Sixteen… Yes.
– That’s this one and this one.
Dużo, ale ładny.
– Nice.
– You’ll get 10% off.
My best offer. You’re our first
customer this week
and I feel you’ll bring us good luck.
Absolutely… Those display cases
will soon be cleared out.
I’ll take this one.
– Card or cash?
– Cash.
How’s your job?
Progressing. But I’m up to my eyes.
My first free Sunday this month.
I’m just asking when you’ll finish.
– You’ll be the first to know, Darling.
– Sure.
Maybe you should change the factory.
Aren’t you being exploited?
Yeah, I’m a victim…
But now I’m going to overturn the boat
so we’ll both get soaked and have
to go to your place or mine.
You won’t!
– I will.
– Stop it, Kruszon.
All right, I’ll jump in myself,
a romantic gesture…
Please don’t. Think of the scandal
if we get arrested.
We’ve till the morning.
Let’s go to your place.
For good luck.
– You must be more careful.
– Where’s a plaster?
Threats lurk at every turn,
but I take good care.
You don’t… you try to do everything
at once, as if it was a chase.
That’s what turns women on most…
Playing good Samaritan
to a poor wounded male.
– Do you think so?
Good morning. Excuse me.
– Bye, my lovely.
– Bye.
– I ordered a taxi for Aldona Glinka.
– That’s right.
Aren’t you afraid? A lonely woman
in a district like this.
Now you say so…but before,
lack of imagination…
Look at this…
They robbed the jeweler’s store…
– Looks like a regular burglary.
Don’t touch anything, before
the police comes.
Look, they didn’t touch the safe.
Do you think the jeweler keeps
anything there?
I’m a policeman,
I’m not good at thinking.
Hi, Robi.I said “Hi, Robi”. What are
you doing, Robi?- Getting a tan.
Care to look at some stuff from a jewelery job?
I see, you work at a jeweler’s. Nice clean job
But why tell me? I hardly know you.
I’m on maternity leave.
Besides I’m all thumbs.
Didn’t I tell you to go to the fence alone?
He doesn’t know me. It’s no deal, and on
top of that he’s acting dumb.
Let me add that the only reason I’m taking to
you is that I`ve lots of free time to kill.
I haven’t the faintest idea what
you want. It’s a lingo
I only know it from the TV
Let’s be off. You did time with Pasierb
and I won’t have you trashed!
I did time with Maslak not Pasierb.
Let’s get out of here.
He’s so scared, his ticker’ll conk out.
We’ll have to call an ambulance.
Look out, don’t shit your pants, Robi.
– Let’s go.
– You pimp.
– He’s past it.
– Others will take over.
Wait a moment, gentlemen.
Maybe I got you wrong. I guess
I was too quick to judge you.
Robert, I forgot the cream for
the tomato soup. Can you get some.
– All right. 18 per cent fat?
– No, 12 will do.
All right. Show me that junk.
Would you mind my asking if you work,
or maybe you’re still students?
We’re both still studying.
He’s doing physiotherapy
and I’m doing … law.
He’s going to be a physiotherapist,
feng-shui and tai-chi instructor.
Physiotherapist? That’s great because
I have some kind of pain in my side.
– I’m sure it’s not…
I’m glad it’s not the pancreas.
Excuse me, gentlemen.
You see, your friends study,
think seriously about their future
and all you could do is make a baby
with that…
I just don’t want you to go to Iraq
and come back in a lead coffin.
What’ll I do all alone in this slum?
Drunks on all the staircases.
Mundek’s out of jail again.
– I’m scared to pass by them.
– Mom, please. My buddies have
classes soon and we want to talk.
– Thanks a lot for the tea.
All right. Show me the stuff.
Do you really want to join the army?
Are you crazy? Besides I’ve got papers.
Unfit for military service.
But my mom’s gone nuts since my
father found a new broad for himself.
Eight thousand, Kruchy! Look how
– Professional negotiator, that’s me.
– You are, Mamaj, you are.
I’ll go on thieving till I’m 30
and then I’ll go legal.
Maybe I’ll open a pizzernia.
– It’s too little, Mamaj.
– Two thirds for us and one for you.
You’re right. But still,
33 per cent of 8000 is more than 2000.
– Hey!
– What?
It’s not pizzernia but pizzeria.
That’s how you say it.
It’s not pizzernia but pizzeria
If you don’t like pizzernia I’ll open
a pub. And I’ll buy a huge TV set
so the customers can watch the football.
– And then?- I’ll be a
respectable citizen.Sure you will.
Let’s go.
Here you are.
When you’ve another job lined up,
you’ll take me along, right?
Forget it. Why should he take you?
Go and sleep it off on the stairs,
like my old man.
What about your old man? Flew off to
Mars with NASA or to his new floozy, huh?
– Hi boys, what’s new?
– None of your business.
Hold on, show me the takings.
What takings?
You’d better go to the kitchen
and bring us some cold beer, babe.
Sometimes I wonder if you really love me,
Mamaj, or you just say
that you’re so keen
and want to get married.
– You know I’m crazy about you.
– Just big talk…
Move it, or I’ll chuck the TV out on the balcony.
Let the crows watch.
Get lost!
That Japanese keyboard bugs me.Why
didn’t you nick one …with a Polish version.
– It was dark.
We’ll go there and I’ll have my
pizzernia or even a pub…
It’s a bank. They have a professional
security system there. Guards…
Do you want to rob corner shops
for the rest of your life?
– 4 thousand here, 2 thousand there…
– This time we got 8…
And there we’ll get 80 or even more…
– Are you in?
– It’s armed robbery.
Are you scared?
He’s scared.
Am I?
What if they put up a fight?
Ever shot a man?
They won’t. Banks are insured,
so’s the money…
All the staff know that. They may screech
a bit, just for show. But nothing more.
The bank doesn’t loose anything
‘cos it’s covered by insurance.
And when an insurance company starts losing money
it either raises its premiums or goes bankrupt.
Serve’em right.
– In a way you’re right…
– I am right.
We’ll just go in, wave the guns a bit,
make a row, and get out.
I don’t know, Mamaj…
After a heist like that we’ll be treated
with real respect round here.
Topor’s men won’t fob
us off with bullshit.
We’ll get to know the top men
and proper business contacts.
Maybe there’s something in it…
Other gangs will start
asking us for help…
All those big businessmen
also started with theft and robbery…
– Worse things.
– But not all of them.
Kennedy’s grandfather was a smuggler.
– Whose grandfather?
– Kennedy’s.
Don’t you know who the Kennedys are,
Such a wealthy family in the US.
– He was President.
Marilyn Monroe’s lover.
– But they shot him and his brother.
– All right.
Where are you going, Kruszon?
We’ve got booze here…
If you marry Mamaj, maybe he’ll
report where he’s off to and why.
See you.
He thinks a bank robbery will get him
the entry to the mafia’s inner circles.
And that what’s it all about, isn’t it?
I don’t know. I feel like taking some time off.
– Now? Not a good idea.
– What’s that? A threat?
No, but what can you know
about your future?
– I know quite a lot about mine.
– What for instance?
I know what I’ll be doing and who
I’ll spend my life with.
So you already know that…
Who’s the lucky girl?
Hold on…
Can you see it?
– No
– Something glittering there.
– You imagine things, Kruchy.
Try harder.
There I go.
Stop it, Kruszon.
You don’t have to, Kruszon.
Get out of the water.
Well? Wasn’t it just your imagination?
Easy. Hold on.
We’ll see if you’ll be so pleased
when the police arrests you.
Let me go, please!
Now you won’t run away.
Let me go, I won’t.
Just a second.
It wasn’t to be quite like this, Aldona.
I booked a table in a restaurant but I don’t
think they’ll let me in now.
Send a police car here.
Will you marry me, Aldona?
… you can see the whole world,
the past and the future…
– I’m surprised, Kruchy.
– Why? You know I love you.
But aren’t you too young?
When my father got married he was…
Your father is a very nice man,
and undoubtedly an expert in his field
but let’s not talk about him…
You’re right, it’s our lives.
but let’s not talk about him…
But I don’t insist on a quick answer.
Think it over.
All right. I’ll think about it tomorrow.
Why do you torment me,
gravedigger’s daughter…?
Fresh flowers still bring
to me here .
Stop already tormenting me
and do not repeat …
– Where did you get it from?
– Why? Brudas gave me some…
– I don’t want any.
– Here.
What? I don’t want you to be sorry
later when we’ve scoffed the lot.
Who invented this stuff?
Just think how many people
died because of it.
– Give it to me.
– Yeah…
– Elwira.
– Let’s not go there.
You said yourself they’d have
the biggest takings today.
… Pays purchase
or the control seed .
– So if not today, then when?
– Never.
Marry Elvira, open that pizzeria of ours.
– And the money?
– Just take out a bank loan.
– But that’s exactly what I’m going to do!
Let’s forget it. I’ve bad vibes.
You’re scared!
Dawaj, ja prowadzę,
ty brałeś prochy.
– Here.
– Take this.
Do you still fancy me, Mamaj.
I love you, Mamaj.
-That’s cool.
– I love you, Mamaj.
Hey, you cows, give good milk!
– Mr Ciszewski.
Someone chucked hot ash into the bin again.
Take some water and put out the fire.
– Hurry.
– Yes, ma’am.
Hands up.
Open up. And don’t ask me
why I have such big teeth.
– Don’t kill us, please.
– She’d better open up then.
– She’d better open up then.
– I’m retiring next month.
– So open up.Quick!
– I’ll count to five!
Don’t play the hero, grandpa.
– Ms. Miklaszewska, please open.
– Shut up.
I’ll count to five…
Don’t shoot. It’s open.
Now! All down!
Let’s get outta here.
– Where’s the car?
– Over there.
– Did you see that?
– I saw it.
– I nicked a few grand for my dowry.
– 20 thousand.
– Maybe… Guess where I hid it?
– In your pants.
Maybe it’s still there? Wanna check?
Hey you, bro! Come and join us.
And you, babe, go and get some sleep.
I’ll need you in the morning.
Buzz off, come on!
And we’ll have a little chat with Kruszon.
It was OK, right?
Sit down. I’ll go and get some ice.
You were full of bad vibes and
it went without a hitch.
We got almost a million.
So there’ll be a pizzernia and a pub.
– I think you’re a born pessimist.
– Maybe you’re right.
Minimum 24 years old… D’you know English?
– I know… Older than I am.
– I want to get married, Kruchy.
– To Elwira?
Why not? She’s quite a dish, eh?
Elwira, come here.
I’ll propose to her in your presence.
Elwira, will you…
Will you be my best man, Kruchy?
– Will you be my best man?
I will.
You got boozed up, Mamaj,
and are fooling around again
– Elwira!
– Mamaj!
Kruchy, tell them it’s all a mistake. Kruchy!
– Let me go, I am…
– Who are you? Easy
One detained. Unarmed.
Two detained. Two guns.
– Let him get up.
– Up we come.
Stop pointing your guns at me!
Stop that!
I am a police officer.
– Lieutenant…
– Take off his handcuffs.
– Why did you stop the operation.
– It had no future.
– Considered my proposal?
– Yes.
I brought your stuff.
Your gun’s in the car downstairs.
So what is your decision?
There’s this too.
– If it’s too small I can change it.
– No, Kruszon, it’s perfect.
I won’t marry you, Tomek.

My mom says this plugin is helpful! Polish crime / drama TV series portraying Warsaw police officers from Central Bureau of Investigations who got on the trail of counterfeit Euro banknotes which involves local gangsters and French crime syndicate. —————————– Polski serial sensacyjny przedstawiający życie i pracę warszawskich policjantów. Tytułowym bohaterem jest podkomisarz Tomasz Kruszyński, członek Specjalnej Grupy Pościgowej Centralnego Biura Śledczego. Grupa przypadkowo wpada na trop transakcji wymiany fałszywych banknotów euro między francuskim syndykatem przestępczym a polską mafią. —————————– Obsada: Borys Szyc − podkomisarz Tomasz “Kruszon” Kruszyński Paweł Małaszyński − Jacek “Grand” Wielgosz Magdalena Różczka − jako komisarz Aldona Ginko Andrzej Chyra − nadkomisarz Krzysztof Ryś Marian Dziędziel − inspektor Joachim Kondeja Maciej Wierzbicki − nadkomisarz Jaromir “Jarząbek” Lewandowski Tamara Arciuch − nadkomisarz Stella Lewandowska Karolina Gruszka − Malwina Wielgosz Jacek Braciak − Jan “Perła” Perłowski Marcin Sztabiński − Sławomir “Mamaj” Najman Marta Ojrzyńska − Elwira Gołąb Magdalena Cielecka − Rita Wielgosz Krzysztof Globisz − Waldemar “Topor” Wiśniewski Mateusz Damięcki − Patryk Wiśniewski Robert Więckiewicz − Tadeusz “Cypa” Cypowicz Eryk Lubos − Leszek “Juby” Januchta Rafał Cieszyński − Sławomir “Zidane” Halec Jan Pęczek − Zbigniew “Brodacz” Kruszyński Wojciech Solarz − “Junior”, przyrodni brat “Kruszona” Jan Frycz − poseł RP Marek Ratyński (później wicepremier) Leon Charewicz − Jerzy Bogdanowicz Wojciech Zieliński − Dariusz “Dahomej” Leśniak Jan Wieczorkowski − BOR-owik Ratyńskiego Maciej Kozłowski − generał Michał Matejewski Tomasz Dedek − generał policji Piotr Miazga – aspirant Arkadiusz, funkcjonariusz AT Marek Cichucki − pułkownik Wagner —————————– Fabuła odcinka: Kruszon wraz z Mamajem i jego dziewczyną dokonują serii napadów. Skok na bank okazał się nad wyraz pomyślny. —————————– Copyright © Wszelkie prawa zastrzeżone