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Ep1◆The woman I just met in town today is very beautiful and charming.
So I was invited to her house. Now, see what happens…..

Hey you!
what are you doing
(Man)Going home now
Are you free now?
(Man)I’m not busy.
Would you like to come to my house today?
(Man)Is it from now?
Hey come on Please
Let’s go
(Man)Is there a scary man when you get to your house?
I don’t. At ease
(Man)Can you trust it?
Don’t worry about it.
My house is new so it ’s very beautiful
I also collect antique furniture, so I want you to see
And because it’s a soundproof room, you can listen to music at high volume.
(Man)That’s interesting
I want to show you other rooms
Let’s go to my house early
Right there
Let’s go
Did you like my room?
(Man)Yes. It ’s a very nice room.
Thank you for compliments
(Man)Do you live here alone?
Yes, it is
But sometimes I feel lonely
(Man)I also have such times
As you can see, there are no scary men
(Man)You are honest
What happened to my legs?
(Man)sorry. Because my legs were so beautiful
(Man)By the way, what is your name?
My name is wakana
(Man)Excuse me, how old are you?
22 years old
How old are you?
(Man)38 years old
That’s unbelievable
You look so young
(Man)Because the inside is childish
(Man)You have a great style
I’m happy even with compliments
Let’s drink tea
(Man)What are you doing to keep your style?
I’m not doing anything
You really like my leg
(Man)It’s beautiful
Thanks But it’s embarrassing to see so much
I’m not used to being praised by a man
(Man)It’s not true And your fashion is very sexy
Isn’t it my fashion favorite?
(Man)No, I like it
(Man)I love your fashion and style…
I’m very happy
What’s wrong?
(Man)No problem
(Man)That? Lower body is hot
Is your lower body hot?
(Man)No, nothing
Hmm, is there really no problem?
(Man)Oh no…
The truth is your lower body is already hot
(Man)Oh … that’s not true
Do you have an erection?
(Man)No, it’s not
You’ve been touching the lower half of yourself since before
Are you restless?
(Man)No problem
Are you sexually excited?
Let’s get sexually excited together
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This is one fucking hot Japanese.

Ep1◆Sexy Asian Girl Seducing a Man [Eng sub] – Wakana

Ep1◆Sexy Asian Girl Seducing a Man [Eng sub]  - Wakana