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Hot Asian Girl Strips??

everybody wants uh you want to see you
are naked and so do i they just hate
when that happens
tell you something else I hate to Don at
the school under Monday to the Friday
you had to mess English tutor Sunday
you had the Chinese in a finger may
skill what I need to say you mean no
need I know I’m the number one mother
just to come to doctor or to you that
means I have two to seven days a week
hi if I had the choice I got a short
test times one week but we go to my
friends then you don’t have any friends
departure in charge and if your parents
are Asian they’ll send you to the gas
shooters ever gas just somebody I wonder
dictionary near you had held at a 65
timer donated it added that it Ana sex a
cadet when I hit okay so touch it
oh just sorry keep the 10 DS 1 C 1
second right now money I mean a no my
evening yeah it may mean okay bye-bye
so my friend same way along ain’t any
need a really do do do what is he saying
oh sorry about sucking dick also had how
some people play a bit too many games my
god honey a little boys walking for the
first time
can you shut the fuck up I’m trying to
play guitar here and also hate the abuse
or the same one song in dramas special
Korean ones Nicolas ooh big bang GU had
to break her you go girl
Annie boy you go get another ting new
jandia sarang you Lada Jesse guys fuck
and I saw darkness no no man
what I hate most is how my dad said old
fashioned he won’t stop reminding me
that I have to date the Asian lady Papa
go MA go go get mom on why is it like
oh you have a girlfriend she might be
Liza she can’t be the white the black or
the Cambodian hmm nobody I don’t want
any bunk song on in my house but if I go
out with white girls I can have half
cost photo fantasy babies no one care
you’re gay fantasy okay okay listen if
you bring the asian girl back to my
house I buy you afternoon make Mak meal
whoa a Big Mac Wow large size but if you
bring the other girl I already buy you
to cook up the wall you know the cooker
cougar what – goo goo gah goo goo gah –
hula good what what about boots no black
what are you stupid
neo lay okay only Asia but Dad KevJumba
said skills are like M&Ms
what does what the Eminem Slim Shady
what no what no the chocolate
what put the Charter huh I talked to
know you talked to Charlie huh
you hungry so what do you guys hate my
Chinese whoa
nada Jesse guys huh and I said on

These add-ons are awesome. Things I Hateee 1. Getting Rick Rolled 2. Tutor (tutored by someone who can’t speak English well and are hard to understand) 3. People who play too many games 4. How dramas use the same songs over and over again 5. My dad being old fashioned So what do you guys hate? Enjoy and Subscribe!!!! ‘Almost paradise’ was too annoying Cook car is fob for coca cola Cambos are sexc bruh gosh gee, peeps getting angry bout the Cambodian part. my dad (a vietnamese meng) dislikes cambodian cus he the vietnamese, vietnamese n cambodian aren’t best frends sometimes. i dont hate cambodians. cambodians are asian n that’s respect gee. OKAY? YOU DIG? Misa campo FTW !! (the things i’d do to her …drools JKS rofl) xoxo You just got chonny rolled baby