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Korean girls try to open their eyes

No girls were harmed in the making of this video
Do you think your eyes are too small
there slanted
Its genetic
They used to be very small.
You naturally have eyelid folds. Right?
iam happily satisfied with my eyes
yet nonetheless
Hi im natalie i made the captions
Allright, first off i’m going to do a little procedure for you
Don’t you dare touch me!!!
you pervert
Boy what are you doing LOL
Ah sadly this is the biggest i can open them
thats what we thought. So we prepared a special tool.
MAN- I AM the docter
Lol wtf. ok
ahahahah this is your special tool?
now it is time to look for youre hidden eyes
may i open your EyEs
if you relax and keep your eyes open you will see a whole new world (yay)
no this is it the …world
no grass hopper there is a big world out there
wth you doing lol
sorry i am just learning korean i will put more later bye
i am soooooooo butifullll xD like and LOVE BTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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