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Orgasm or Not? | Cut

(strained groaning)
– Um, I guess it’s an orgasm.
– I’m Alyssa.
– I’m Isaac.
– I’m Helen.
– I’m Uche.
– [Interviewer] How long
have you guys been together?
– 10 years.
– Two like almost three years.
– Almost three years.
– Three–
– Ish months?
– Three months officially.
– Six months.
– [Interviewer] Would you call
yourselves noisy love makers?
– No.
– Yeah we both have roommates.
– Even if my roommate
like in the next room,
I’m almost like yeah we
should be as loud as we want,
because for me I only feel like the girl
I’m with is enjoying
sex if I can hear her.
– I feel bad.
– Yeah, she–
– Sorry Phil.
– [Interviewer] Helen,
can you describe to me
the sound of Uche’s orgasm?
– Oh god! I can’t do this!
– It’s loud.
– That’s hard, like shaky?
Like it goes in like waves, like rolling.
– [Interviewer] Well,
today you’ll have to guess
whether the sounds you hear are orgasms,
or nonsexual noises.
– (laughing) okay.
– [Interviewer] You’ll
receive a LELO sex toy
for every question you answer correctly.
– What!
– That’s a lot of sex toys.
– [Interviewer] Do you guys use toys ever?
– No, we haven’t.
– [Interviewer] Any desire to?
– I think in the future.
– In the– one day.
– It might be sooner than later.
– [Interviewer] You guys ready to start
with sound number one?
– Yeah!
– [Interviewer] Alright, here it comes.
(strained groaning)
– Oh I hear that sound at the gym so much,
that I really think that’s some idiot,
straight man trying to deadlift
more than he should be.
– Can we hear it again?
– Like a bench max.
– Not sex.
We were right!
Oh my god, nice!
We’re so symbiotic.
– Next.
– Oh this is kinda hard.
It’s like coming in rolls, ya know.
So it’s like a build up.
– It sounds to me like
they’re like crying.
[Interviewer] Do you
guys ever cry during sex?
– I’ve cried during sex.
– That’s sex, that’s
like triple penitratish.
– I don’t think it’s an orgasm.
– Think she’s eating.
– Some Pad Thai.
– Yeah, Pad Thai.
– That is not Pad Thai.
– It’s sex!
[Interviewer] Isaac, how do you feel
that you got that wrong?
– Inadequate.
[Interviewer] Have either of you ever
faked an orgasm before?
– No.
[Interviewer] Have you been with somebody
who’s lied about have an orgasm before?
– Yeah, so I’d rather just
never make them cum ever,
than have a person that’s
lying to me about it.
[Interviewer] You guys ready
to move on the next sound?
– Mhmm.
(short grunting)
– I think that could be–
– That’s not an or–
– A what?
I thought it was an orgasm.
[Interviewer] Is that was
Isaac sounds like when he cums?
– I think it does get a
guttural for a second, ya know.
– That’s like a sort of tennis noise.
– Oh my like why are we transcendental?
Shouldn’t of have a physic do this show.
– Wow.
(breathy groaning)
– (whispering) that also
sounds like an orgasm.
– I think yes.
– That might be an orgasm.
– I think it’s a really good poo,
like a good one after Thanksgiving
when you’re kinda clogged.
– Okay we’re gonna go with orgasm.
That one really threw me.
I’m like gonna think about that every time
I eat too much now.
[Interviewer] Do you guys
ever get way too full
to have sex?
– You have, cause she’s
way more lactose intolerant
then me.
I remember one night, she
eating hella milk and cereal,
and I’m not even gonna end the story.
(fast moaning)
– Must be sex.
– Sex.
– I’d say its an orgasm.
(moaning continues)
– That’s 100% an orgasm.
– Got it.
(breathy moans)
– Sex!
(moaning continues)
– That’s 100% an orgasm.
– Orgasm.
– I think it’s a butt plug.
Oh but it’s got a little remote attached.
– Oh nice.
[Interviewer] It’s a prostate tickler.
– Oh!
– Tomato, tomatoe.
– Ah okay!
[Interviewer] Are you as accustomed to
the sound of a man orgasming?
– No, I haven’t heard a
man orgasm in years now.
– I’ve heard it before but
yeah, I’ve kinda blocked it.
– That might be the hardest one so far.
(grunting continues)
– I would say not.
– That’s a orgasm.
– It’s a orgasm.
– Aww!
– You got to make these harder.
– [Interviewer] I didn’t know
I was working with a couple
of sexperts.
– Don’t you think that like
most lesbians are sexperts?
Don’t you think the
best sex is lesbian sex?
– [Interviewer] What’s one
thing about lesbian sex
that you think the public needs to know?
– If you have any questions,
then just go have it yourself.
– It’s 2019.
– It’s 2019, everyone
should be a lesbian now.
(brief grunts)
– Very staccato, I think
that was an orgasm though.
– I think it was too.
– That’s sex.
You’re not sure, okay just–
– This one just–
– I won’t look at you.
– I think sex.
– Oh it’s not sex!
– You got us!
– I just feel like maybe
she was masturbating
while opening a jar of pickles.
[Interviewer] Are you
ready for the final sound?
– Yes.
(straining groans)
– Not sex.
(groaning continues getting louder)
– Do you wanna hear it again?
– Not really.
We’re gonna go with an orgasm.
– That was so dramatic.
– I feel like it’s an orgasm.
I feel like it’s an orgasm.
– Is it someone dying?
Like that’s not sex, but they
are definitely in distress,
like I’m worried about this person.
– Let’s go with orgasm.
– Yeah!
– Yay!
– What is he holding?
Oh a little ring of some sort.
– That was tricky.
(all laughing)
– [Interviewer] Well, you guys
got eight correct answers,
so you win eight LELO
sex toys as your prizes.
– Hell yeah.
– Oh my gosh, dang.
– Thank you!
– Thanks, oh my god this is insane.
– I don’t–
this is weird.
– [Interviewer] Can you
guess the sound of an orgasm?
Check out the link below
to test your skills,
and win a toy from LELO.

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