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Why China Needs To Talk About Sex

let’s have the talk now call it what you
may the birds and the bees or the facts
of life but the important part here
isn’t what you call it it’s that you
actually just talk about it
sex understanding the natural
progression of our bodies is essential
to living healthy lives but there are
many places in the world China for
instance that still see the subject of
sex as taboo today the majority of
Chinese adolescents and young adults
receive no proper sex education while
they learn basic anatomy and what
happens when sperm meets egg
there is no mention of intercourse
instead they’re learning about sex from
the internet and more than likely
pornography not exactly the best
resource and the lack of sex education
does have its consequences because
regardless of whether China is willing
to talk about it or not
sex is happening and it’s happening now
more than ever
China’s leading sexologist Li Yin
explained to China is undergoing a
sexual revolution after the ban on
premarital sex was overturned in 1997
before then only 15 percent of Chinese
citizens reported having sex before
marriage today that number is around 71%
and the lack of education has led to a
rise in sexually transmitted infections
between 2011 and 2015 the number of high
school and university students with HIV
or AIDS increased by 35% and yet talking
about contraceptives remains taboo in
the classroom the majority of people who
contracted HIV or AIDS are actually from
the gay community which is why a gay
dating app is taking these sexual health
statistics very seriously blued is an
app originally created as a way for gay
males to meet others but now it’s
becoming a way for young men from the
gay community to learn about sex or die
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cochon to actually addressing being a
doing the xuxa who i think missing the
other to see in the tea shop
however the information seems to be
limited to users of the app and that has
nothing to do with the company’s desire
to keep their knowledge to themselves in
fact they do try and spread awareness
outside of the digital world but it
isn’t easy
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sure you thought oh you’re gonna see
that you don’t envy but activists
continue to spread awareness today it’s
taking the form of apps and aids walks
but hopefully soon in textbooks and
classrooms in some places like Uganda
being gay isn’t just a social taboo it’s
against the law watch this video to
learn how Pope Francis can and probably
should help to change this predominantly
Catholic nations perception on
homosexuality I would think if the Pope
was here and is talking about love
compassion and equality for everyone you
can assume listen thanks for watching
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